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Monday all day

Not that it was a particularly bad day or anything. Though I had a bad night, was up a lot. Overslept in the morning.

At work did the nursing home reading. Then at 3:30 I went to set up the gaming program and discovered the adult movie was still showing. It starts at 1, so that means she picked out a movie that was over 2 1/2 hours long. Didn't apologize to me for taking up my program time either. I got the program started by 4, got about 12 kids.

The Kid texted me during the day. She is feeling more cheerful now.

After work I Skyped the FWiB, and again when i got home. Just as we were getting off, the Kid called. She had her new tarot deck and wanted to show me. Very pretty deck.

After we got off I had dinner and then got my laundry together and took it down. Came back and started reading stuff on the computer and the Kid called again, wanted to talk about her tarot reading. So we did that. Which was nice. I think I'm going to get down my deck and do a reading too. It's been years since I used my deck.

Anyway that's about all there is to say.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. The Kid was more cheerful.

3. Tarot.

4. Ice cream.

5. Soon have clean laundry.

6. Bed soon.

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