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Back to work

Work was OK, nothing special. I used a flyer template to make a flyer for the program I'm doing in February, and I feel very self satisfied that I made it successfully.

Did the laptop program, I think I got about 11 or 12. Not really sure.

After work I Skyped the FWiB, and we talked through Flushing, where I got a Popeye's chicken sandwich for dinner. I also finally got the strawberry cheesecake pie that I had asked for last time but got the wrong thing. It was pretty good.

Continued Skyping on the way to my meeting. Then the Kid texted just before, and I told her she could call afterward.

The meeting was pretty good. Small, just the three of us.

Got home, fed the cats and turtle, and then called the Kid. We talked for a long time. She seems a bit better than she has been. Finally there was a call and it was Oldest Brother so I got off woth the Kid and talked to him. And all is well

Tomorrow I have no work because we're closed for computer upgrades. They gave us the option of going to another location for a day or taking some kind of leave. I chose using comp time. So I have no work tomorrow. And when we go back Thursday all our computers will be running Windows 10.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Beautiful day, though cold.

3. The Impeachment trial started today.

4. Seagulls flying against a blue sky.

5. Strawberry soda.

6. Day off tomorrow.

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