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Pretty much a fallow day

I slept fairly late, then got up an breakfasted, then suggested to the FWiB that we Skype. He was going to play Scrabble though so we waited til he was done. Then we had a nice conversation.

After that, I did do one thing that I have needed to do for quite some time; I got a start on my huge bag of "stuff to be shredded". I didn't do it all but I made a noticeable dent, and I now have a big bag of shreds tied up and waiting to be recycled.

Aside from that I puttered on line, played a bit with Pandora, that sort of thing. I meant to read but the only two things I'm working on, I'm having trouble convincing myself to get back to.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. My shredder.

3. Cheese and crackers for lunch.

4. While shredding I found something that had gotten in the bag accidentally, one of my St. Michael medals, the one I got upstate this year.

5. Someone posted the official response to the crossposting issue. And then after that I got the response to my support request.

6. Cats.

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