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Not what I planned for today

So my original plans were to have today off, since the cleaner was coming tomorrow. I was going to wrap my presents today and then maybe go out with mashfanficchick.

Well, the cleaner crapped out on me again. I gt a text that she had an family emergency and was going out of state til Friday. In panic I contacted another cleaner and got someone in today.

It cost a lot, lets leave it at that. The guy got here around 5 and said he couldn't do it for the contracted price because it was too dirty. I am embarrassed and vow to do better. Get a cleaner more frequently, too. Maybe this guy.

Anyway, while waiting for him, I Skyped the FWiB, and advised the Kid and mashfanficchick, who were both (separately) out shopping.

The cleaning took about three and a half hours, not bad. Now I have got things moved back into place, and the tree skirt and Oldest Brother's bag of gifts from yesterday, laid out.

So now all is clean and ready for Christmas.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. The cleaning is done and I could afford it.

3. The cats are settled after the upset of the cleaner being here.

4. Friends.

5. The leftover pizza the Kid gave me yesterday, which I had for both lunch and dinner.

6. All my shopping is done.

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