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Up early to do the class

I made it out on time with my umbrella because it was raining, and my umbrella totally fell apart before I was even halfway to the bus. So I got wet, but at least I had a hat.

Anyway, I made it to work nice and early, and bought half-and-half and a honey bun and a Starbucks mocha at the corner bodega, then went in to work. Got ready for the class and headed over. It went quite well, though these kids weren't as into asking questions as the last batch.

Returned, and the rest of the day went smoothly. I did the laptop program, only got a few.

Since I started at 9, I got out at 5, which gave me plenty of time to finally try the Popeye's chicken sandwich. It is indeed an excellent sandwich, but not so extraordinary as to cause all this rumpus! But whatever. I also had one of their pumpkin cream cheese pies, which was OK.

Then I went across the street to Duane Reed and bought cat food, shower jell and dish soap.

And then I got on line for the bus and Skyped the FWiB. We had a nice long conversation as I went to my meeting. Got their early while the Girl Scouts were still there, just leaving. The leader is still the same as when the Kid was a Scout, and she recognized me and asked how she was doing.

Then my meeting was small but good, not as small as recently, S was there.

And then I got a ride home and here I am.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. The class went well.

3. They got our heat at work fixed.

4. The rain stopped.

5. Rice pudding for dessert when I got home.

6. My meetings and the people at them.

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