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Day with Oldest Brother

Started by getting up, showering and dressing, then going to the bagel place for coffee and breakfast. Then I went to my meeting, which was unexpectedly small for Saturday standards, but good nonetheless.

Oldest Brother met me at the meeting and picked me up, and we came back to my place. I Draino'd my bathroom sink, and while we waited for it we puttered on line. One dose of Draino didn't do the job completely so we walked to the discount store where I bought orange juice, toothpaste, and more Draino. The second application did the trick, and now my sink is draining well.

Then we took care of the turtle tank. I cleaned the filter while he kept me company and then we completely changed the water. After that we fiddled online for awhile longer, and then he took a nap, and I got a very brief call from the FWiB. He couldn't talk long cause he had to go to dinner.

At 6 I woke Oldest Brother from his nap and we went to our dinner, at Uncle Bill's Diner. I brought home about half my main course for dinner tomorrow or Monday.

We came back here for awhile, did more hanging out on the computer,put up a few Thaksgiving decorations, and finally he had to go.

I texted [personal profile] mashfanficchick about tomorrow but she has no plans yet. So I'll sleep late, and remember to turn my clock back!!!

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Oldest Brother.

3. Thanksgiving is coming.

4. Clean turtle tank.

5. Beautiful fall day.

6. Leftovers for another dinner.

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