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Pretty much a wasted day

And I meant to do things, too.

I slept quite late, got up, breakfasted and coffeed, and puttered on the computer. Then I went into the bedroom, meaning to get my laundry together. I lay down to cuddle with Oreo just for a bit and... fell asleep. I slept for longer than I should have.

That killed a good chunk of the day. I did finally get my laundry together and down to the laundromat, and I did Skype with the FWiB for a nice long time. And I finished reading the SHarecon 'zine. And I have just put up a few Halloween decorations. But aside from those things, and a few web searches, nothing.

So it was a pretty much wasted day. And I really meant to get so much done.

Last night after I posted I dug out the jewelry I want to wear to the wedding. I'm going to wear my mother's electroplated gold beads. I found my diamond earrings, and tried to get them in in the hopes that maybe my holes weren't totally closed, but no luck.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. At least I got my laundry down.

3. The 'zine was fun.

4. Texted [personal profile] mashfanficchick and will probably see her tomorrow.

5. Halloween decorations.

6. Jewelry

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