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One of those mornings

When I couldn't get out of bed. Was a hour and a half late. At least it was the first time in a long time.

Work went fairly smoothly. I had a special program for the teens, a puppet making workshop. All-in-all I got 18, though that includes a few younger kids I let in. It was generally enjoyed.

The Kid called me from her work phone at lunch time... her cell phone, which had been giving out, died completely. We arranged that she would get a new phone, I'd pay for part of it as a Christmas present, and she would finally switch her phone off my account and over to the SIL's. So after work that's what happened.

I couldnt contact the FWiB right after work because he was busy with his wife. I got home as fast as I could, and tried to take my dress to the place around the corner where I'm going to have it altered, but the store was just closing. I'm going to have to take it Saturday, and probably have [personal profile] mashfanficchick pick it up when it's done. Or something.

Anyway, no sooner had I gotten home (and I was absolutely soaked cause it was raining very heavily) then my phone rings and it's the SIL and we set up the new phone setup. Required a 3 way call to T-Mobile to do, and at the end, the woman tells the SIL that she's done with him and he can hang up, but that there was still something she needed me for. So he hung up and that broke the connection for me too. So I had to call T-Mobile back and make sure everything was ok.

During this the FWiB had e-mailed saying I should Skype, so I did as soon as all that was over. And we talked until the Skype connection failed. Grr. So we called after that.

So then I started making dinner after we got off, and the Kid called, and said she'd gotten her new phone and it was all hooked up. So that was good.

And now I'm waiting for Oldest Brother to call.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. The Kid is off my phone bill.

3. Warm dry clothes to change into.

4. The Kid was able to get a new phone.

5. Friends.

6. Able to be late occasionally.

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