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SHarecon Day One

Got up this morning to the sound of Sybil and Oreo hissing and growling. Showered, dressed, coffeed and breakfasted, then set up the cats food and left for the con.

Got to Penn Station nice and early, only to have the train be late departing. Not very late though. It was also crowded but I found a good seat. Got to my stop around 1:00, called the hotel for the shuttle, and it's all been joy since.

We have a great room right next to the con room. We've watched episodes, played games, had panels and eaten a lot.

It's great to be here with the other fen.

Didn't talk to the FWiB but emailed all day.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. SHarecon.

3. Everyone here.

4. Beautiful day to travel.

5. Starsky and Hutch.

6. Good food.

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