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Busy day

Got to work on time, was reminded that I was reading at th nursing home today. So we did that.

Came back, and during lunch got a call from the Kid, about an e-mail that Betsy sent, sort of snarky. We also talked about the promotion that she will hopefully be getting soon.

Did the gaming program with the teens, it went pretty well. Better than things went outside the program room, apparently! Police were called about a disruptive teen, he had left long before the cops arrived.

After work I Skyped the FWiB and went to visit [personal profile] mashfanficchick! She is doing OK, and we had a nice visit, including sushi for dinner, because nothing says "You're recovering from surgery" like raw fish on rice!

Came home and hope to soon get to bed!

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. The Kid.

3. [personal profile] mashfanficchick

4. Sushi.

5. Didn't get rained on... it did rain a very little bit.

6. Bed soon!

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