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I'm Home!

Actually got home last night around 12:30, but it was too late to post since I had to get up for work this morning.

The trip was lovely. I'm not going to do a day-by-day recap, just an outline. [personal profile] mashfanficchick and her mother got me to the train just on time, and the trip was uneventful. I dozed much of it. Lynn S facebooked me most of the way, and he got to the train station in Rochester to meet me. We drove to Wegman's and did a shopping, then went to the cottage.

The time that Lynn spent there was really great. He just took over organizing and cooking. He brought wine with him too so that was nice. He stayed til Monday noonish. On Sunday his husband Tom came and joined us for the day, which was also nice.

Wednesday was the day the contractor came and did the first work on the cottage. I stayed out of their way, visited with Mari S and with Betsy and Aunt Helen.

Saw lots of all the cousins. Steve and Amy and their boys came up, and Linda and Alan are living there for the summer since retirement, and Sue was there after work and Ricky and Martha came up, and Kristen and Patrick and the two little ones, and of course Nancy and the twins and Calvin.

I read a lot, including of course my yearly reading of Bob's Hike to the Holy City. Worked on a jigsaw puzzle with betsy and Aunt Helen and assorted cousins. Called oldest Brother each night, talked to the FWiB every night except when Lynn was there.

Saturday was supposed to be Nancy's party, but she officially cancelled it, though considering how many relatives were there, I think the party got unofficially held.

The Eischelmans came and visited Saturday also, then they took me out to dinner at, as always, Gordy Harper's. After dinner we walked around the shops and I bought a glass collie for my collection. After they brought mee back, I joined the family for dinner as well, though I only nibbled and had dessert.

Sunday I came home. Called a taxi to get to the train station, he got me there an hour early, even including a detour through Lockport.

The trip home was also uneventful. [personal profile] mashfanficchick and her mother picked me up and we went out to dinner at Friday's.

Today was back to work. Nothing of interest to report.

Came home and called the FWiB, and have been catching up reading LJ and Dreamwidth.

Betsy facebooked me today, the contractor came back and finished the work. She sent me a picture, it looks good.

So that was my vacation. A good one.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Family.

3. The cats and turtle are fine.

4. Nothing much at work while I was gone.

5. Friends.

6. The cottage.

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