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Busy Saturday

Started by trying to get up in time for my meeting. I kept hitting the snooze though. Got up realizing that it was impossible to make the beginners meeting at 10:30 but maybe make the regular meeting at 11. So I showered and dressed, stopped for coffee and a bacon, egg and cheese at the bagel place, and made it to the meeting by 11:17. Made it just in time for the speaker.

After the meeting I hurried home because Oldest and Middle Brothers were meeting me around 1-ish. I got a call from Oldest Brother just as i was getting off the bus that they were there, so I almost made it on time.

We went to the theater, and got our tickets for the 1:35 show of Spiderman: Far from Home. It's really a cute, funny movie, great action, very enjoyable. Just sad that there are no longer cameos by Stan Lee. I miss those.

Anyway, after the movie we went to Five Guys as usual for late lunch/early dinner. Delicious as always.

Then we drove to the turtle park and took a leisurely walk around the pond. The weather was beautiful, a bit hot in the sun but very nice in the shade. Saw lots of turtles, of course.

Then we came back to my apartment, and Oldest Brother took a nap, and I played Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem music for Middle Brother (his favorite).

And then they left after that, and I Skyped the FWiB, though only for a few minutes, as he had to contact his sisters who are in Louisiana and they are worried about the weather down there, and potential flooding. But he says they say they are both going to be all right, so that's OK.

Oldest Brother just called awhile ago to say he got home safely, and I've been reading that book on my Nook that I don't remember the title.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. My brothers.

3. My meetings and the people there.

4. The turtle park.

5. Fun movie.

6. Beautiful weather.

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