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Started the day off by breakfast, coffee, and a brief Skype with the FWiB. Then had to get ready for John's birthday party and the trip to it.

Headed out at 11:15, got a 44 bus almost immediately and made it to Jamaica pretty quickly. Stopped at the Rite Aid there and got a bottle of tea tree oil, with which I am going to try treating a case of toenail fungus on one toe before it gets worse.

Made it to the train station, went to a ticket machine and purchased a ticket for Merrick. Pressed "no receipt". Something printed and I took it without looking, and looked at the board for the next rain. The next train was at 12:20, it was then 12:10. Made my way to the track, and looked at my ticket. It wasn't a ticket. It was a receipt.

I rushed back to the ticket office, checked the ticket machine. No ticket there. I spoke to the woman at the window. Turns out the receipt I had wasn't even for my ticket. Declined to argue, bought a new ticket for another $7.25.

Rushed back to the track. The train was just pulling away. The next train was at 12:46. Waited 26 minutes, got on the train, and from there on the day got much improved.

I texted when I got to Freeport, the stop before Merrick, so they knew I was close, and called when I got there, Oldest Brother had already left to get me. He net me, and we went back to Aunt Helen's.

The day was delightful, the only thing that could have made it better would have been if the Kid and SIL could have been there. But we had a great time anyway, mostly just talking. John didn't know it was for his birthday until Denise and Brianne brought out the cake! So that was fun.

Stayed a very long time, then Oldest Brother brought me home. We stopped at 7-11 so I could get some orange juice, then got back here. Oldest Brother found a parking spot right outside the building, so that was too good to waste, so he came inside for a few minutes. Read my Good Omens story, watched me feed the pets.

And that was the day, the good (mostly) and the bad (the ticket).

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Oldest Brother.

3. Aunt Helen and family.

4. Tea tree oil bought.

5. The Long Island Railroad. Ticket misup notwithstanding.

6. Got my orange juice.

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