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Just fast

went to therapy this morning, then came home and watched two episodes of Good Omens. I would have watched more but since it's only six episodes i want to savor it not binge it.

After that I went to the bedroom and drowsed while listening to music. [personal profile] mashfanficchick called; her father is back in the hospital again and she was changing plans for her weekend. To keep her mmind off things, did I want to join her going out to Long island for some errands and dinner? It meant skipping my meeting, but sure.

So that's what we did. I bought five shirts, two for work and three for fun.

We ate at Red Robin. Very good food, the service was bad though.

Now home and needing to get to bed.

Gratitude List:

1. THe FWiB (didn't get to Skype but we e-mailed)

2. Good omens.

3. Therapy.

4. Sumac by the side of the road... beautiful.

5. Pigeons against a blue sky.

6. Friends.

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