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Frustrating day

But it worked out OK.

I managed to set my alarm for pm instead of am so of course I overslept. I got up and skipped showering and went out to breakfast at Dunkin' Donuts. Came back and started getting ready for the cleaners who were supposed to come at 3.

I finished with enough time to relax and Skype the FWiB. Had a nice conversation, then at somewhat before 3 we got off and I waited for the cleaners.

They never showed. Finally I texted the guy and after some time he replied that they had had some sort of car trouble. He said they could come tomorrow at 12;30, which of course is impossible since I'll be at work. So i asked could they come at 6 tomorrow, but the answer to that was no.

So I went to Thumbtack for a new cleaner that could come tomorrow at 6, and I found one. Costs more though. Oh well.

After that I went into the bedroom and read and listened to music. I'm reading a Janet Evanovitch book that I got quite awhile ago and never got around to reading.

Talked to Oldest Brother as usual, and Denise has invited us to Easter dinner! That will be nice. He will call the Kid and then call me back.

So that was my day. Now tomorrow I have to hurry home as fast as possible to be here by 6 for the cleaners.

Happy Passover, and a Blessed Good Friday.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Oldest Brother.

3. Family in general.

4. Fun books.

5. Thumbtack.

6. Got some tidying done here anyway.

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