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Something going on at work

Our clerk, A, has managed to get himself in a bit of trouble, not so much by what he did as the way he reacted to being disciplined, which was pretty mild, and completely warranted. Now it's blown up into a talk with the bosses boss and someone from HR, and someone from the union. I hope he doesn't get himself suspended or something, we need him.

Anyway, that only concerns me, and in fact I only know about it, because he dragged the entire staff into it. But I'm not involved. So to move on, nothing much happened today other than that. I Skyped the FWiB after work and then again when I got home. He went to the zoo today, and got very worked out and tired.

After that I took my laundry down to the laundromat. And that was a good thing cause I've been putting it off. I also made arrangements to have the cleaners here a week from tomorrow.

And that's pretty much it. As noted on my previous post, it's Oldest Brother's birthday. We're celebrating Saturday. The Kid texted me today, she's sick and doesn't think she'll be able to make it.

And that's about all.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Oldest Brother.

3. I saw violets, wild thyme, and dandelions blooming today.

4. Payday is tomorrow, and I should get a retro pay.

5. Clean laundry soon.

6. The Kid.

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