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Got my taxes done

That was the big thing today. I was late to my appointment but I called and told them I would be and they said no problem. I thought they were raising their rates but they haven't, so it was still just $125, and worth it.

After that I went to Pink Nails and got my face waxed. It needed it.

Came home and paid bills online, and puttered around. The new story is doing very well. I have to hurry up and edit it down to levels of sex and get it posted there.

I took a nap, and when I got up the FWiB was back from the track so we Skyped for about half an hour. Then I went into the Bronx for my meeting. Was running late because of the Skypong so I didn't go to Boston Market, I got pizza instead.

The meeting was very good. I almost missed my bus home but I didn't. Have been trying to pay my Care Credit bill but I can't remember my password and I keep getting the account locked. Grrr.

Gratitude list:

1. The FWiB.

2. Getting a nice tax refund.

3. Face waxed.

4. Daffodils and forsythia.

5. Didn't miss the bus.

6. Didn't get hit by the a-hole who zipped around the corner while I was crossing with the light and honked at me.

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