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Sent in the essay

After a terrifying experience when my computer seemed to have lost it. It wasn't where it should have been, but there was a saved version in microsoft word, so I got it back. Of course since I had sent copies to three people, I could have gotten it back from them, but it was unnerving anyway. Anyway, it's sent now. I hope he likes it, or at least lets me rewrite it if he doesn't.

Aside from that, work was normal. I slept later than I should have but I made it on time anyway. I did the laptop program, got 9, four of whom were real pains, though only in a normal teen sense.

After work I went through Flushing on my way to my meeting, and got cookies for the meeting, and dinner. Then I Skyped the FWiB (he had been talking to his brother before then) until it was time for the meeting. Which was small but good, step and tradition 3.

Oldest Brother and I are trying to arrange for Middle Brother's birthday. The Kid and SIL are busy so many weekends, it's hard, and me working Saturdays and Aunt Helen and company not being free... but we'll work something out somehow.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Found my essay and recalled it, saved it and sent it.

3. My meetings and the people there.

4. The Kid.

5. Made it to work on time.

6. Clear today, no rain or snow.

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