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Meeting in the morning

Got up early to go to the work meeting in Fordham. Started out with coffee from the bagel store. No problem getting there, with the help of Google maps, except a slight confusion on transferring from the Q44 to the Bx9 bus. But after that it was all good.

The meeting was OK, not like the YA meetings of old, not to many people there, and not as interesting. But I'm glad I went. And there was coffee and donuts, so that's always good.

Went back to the branch, took the Bx12 to Pelham Station and the Bx5 from there. The snow had started by then and was getting heavier.

At work we had an Incident, thank GOD I had nothing to do with it. One of our very regular, very respected, older male patrons printed out a note and gave it to our young, female page, with his phone number and asking her to meet him after work. The boss spoke to him in no uncertain terms that that was unacceptable behavior, and he (the boss) was pretty steamed about it too. I'm kind of shook up about it, it doesn't seem possible though I've seen the note, and he admitted it. Though it is worth noting that, if you remember a post I made some months back about a woman saying she had seen a man on the computer looking at porn, and I had trouble believing it, yeah, this is him. So who knows what's going on with him?

Anyway, after work I came home. No Carvel tonight because [personal profile] mashfanficchick was too tired to go out, and her mother didn't want to go out in the bad weather again anyway. So I Skyped the FWiB and we talked for about an hour which was very nice.

And that's about all of the day, though I think it's quite enough as it is.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB

2. Google maps.

3. I didn't have to deal with the situation.

4. The snow didn't get too bad.

5. Skype.

6. Dunkin' Donuts.

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