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Quiet Sunday

I didn't do much today, but I did do a bit.

Got up and breakfasted and coffeed. Read on the computer, and the Skyped to the FWiB. After we talked I went and took a shower, and washed my hair, which I've needed to do since, well never mind how long it's been. But I feel much better now.

After that I watched Horror in the Heights again, and took notes this time so I could get the names down, and events in the right order.

Then I felt hungry, so I made one of the mug cake mixes I have and ate it as a snack. Very tasty. After that, I didn't do anything. I meant to read, but I sort of dozed instead.

Got up, had dinner, and called Oldest Brother for our usual night's talk. And that was my day.

Tomorrow, I'm going to a protest against the state of emergency declaration. It's in Union Square at 5 so I'm going in early and going to go to the Strand and maybe Barnes and noble first. Then after the protest I figured dinner at the poke restaurant. So that's my plan. I texted [personal profile] mashfanficchick but she can't make it. I also called the Kid and texted her but no response yet.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Quiet day.

3. No one was hurt when the cats had a fight, though Oreo lost his collar (I have to put it back on him)

4. Clean hair.

5. Kolchak dvds.

6. Protest tomorrow.

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