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Got a surprise visit this morning

From the electricians. They wanted to look at my circuit breaker box. They were going to all the apartments I think. Anyway, they came in, they looked, they left. Oreo hid under the covers on the bed of course.

Made it to work on time despite that, and had a very busy morning. There was a children's dept. meeting in the branch today and I saw Y. and spoke to her for awhile which was nice. And there were leftover goodies for us! I had half a blueberry muffin and two half bagels with some kind of veggie cream cheese.

Then I did the laptop program, but it was a bust, only got two kids for a very brief time.

After work instead of going through Flushing and getting my dinner there before my meeting I got off the bus at 20th avenue and took the 20 to College Point Blvd, and went and got my face waxed. Then I went to Key Foods, and got more Chobani yogurt. It was on special sale, ten for $10, so I got ten. Then I went to the pizza place and got two slices for dinner. And finally I went to my meeting.

Afterward I came home, and here I am.

Didn't get to talk to the FWiB, but the phones may just possibly be fixed tomorrow.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. My meetings and the people there.

3. Making plans for Arisia.

4. My boss.

5. Warm apartment.

6. Cheap yogurt.

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