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A glimmer of good news

It turns out that Oldest Brother is eligible to join MCU because of being my sibling. So that makes life and getting a loan for him much easier. We tried getting him signed up online but failed because he didn't have any identifying documents downloaded to his computer, and no way to download them. So he'll go in in person on Monday. Oh and Denise is loaning him her car for the entire week, so he doesn't need to rent one.

The Kid and SIL had their move today! They are now in the Astoria apartment. It took longer than it was supposed to but was otherwise successful.

I went to work today of course. It was busier than usual for a Saturday. I thought I was going to be late cause I overslept as usual, but the bus was late as well, so I made it and got there on time.

It turns out that John and Denise are willing to drive me home, so I will be going up to Vermont on Friday by train. I bought the ticket tonight. I am psyched!

Skyped to the FWiB, no word yet on his potential move.

And I think that covers everything.

Gratitude List:

1. Family!

2. The FWiB.

3. Vermont trip.

4. The Kid's move was successful.

5. MCU.

6. My cats.
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