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Veteran's Day

The 11th day of the 11th month. I know it's officially being celebrated tomorrow but today is the day. So Oldest Brother and i got together to have lunch and drink a toast to the veterans in our lives.

Started out by Skyping the FWiB while waiting for Oldest Brother. We had a nice conversation. Then Oldest Brother arrived, and we had coffee which was good.

Finally went out to lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings, and drank our toast in Angry Orchard Rose cider. We toasted specifically Dad, Uncle Jack and Grandpa Lloyd, and then generally all the doughboys of WW1 (since this is the centennial of the Armistice). Lunch was good. And we went out to Carvel for dessert. So that lasted me for the rest of the day, no dinner for me!

We came back to my place, and he took a nap and I ordered a beautiful teeshirt on-line. It says "I am not a book worm, I am a book dragon!" with a really nice dragon picture. I hope the actual teeshirt is as nice as the ad!

Anyway, Oldest Brother left for work and I started reading the library book I should have been reading instead of watching Daredevil all week. Two Dark Reigns, the third book in the Three Dark Crowns trilogy.

And now I'm going to go back and read some more.

Gratitude List:

1. The sacrifices the soldiers made.

2. The FWiB.

3. Oldest Brother.

4. The veterans in my life.

5. Good lunch and dessert.

6. Nice weather.
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