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Finished Daredevil

Started off the day getting to work early for a change. Spent the day very tired.

After work I got lucky and got the bus right off the bat. So I didn't have to wait in the cold too long.

Called the FWiB, and we talked as I went through Flushing getting a new Metrocard, and then going to Duane Reed to get some soap. Came home and continued the conversation through Skype. It was very nice.

After that I had dinner, and then started watching Daredevil. Watched two episodes and then it was time for my nightly call to Older Brother. Then while we were talking the Kid called through and I talked to her awhile. Finished talking to everyone, fed the pets, and watched the last episode.

No spoilers, but I was very happy with it, just as the Kid predicted. It is a very good ending, and although I would like it if there's to be a fourth season, this would be a good place just to end it.

Anyway, called the Kid back and we had a nice loooong conversation about it.

And now it;s time for bed.

Gratitude List:

1. Happy endings.

2. The FWiB.

3. The Kid.

4. Made it to work on time.

5. Monday is a holiday.

6. Didn't have to stand long in the cold waiting for buses.
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