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Day before Halloween

I started the day by breakfast, and watching Daredevil. I finished the first season. I'm still enjoying it.

Took a shower, got dressed, and wanted to Skype the FWiB, but didn't hear back from him when I suggested it. Turned out hs e-mail is acting up, and we had trouble all day. I did make a call to him, from the car after [personal profile] mashfanficchick, her mother, and MJ picked me up, but only briefly.

We got the lights and decorations up, the only thing left is the boneyard. Then, just as we were packing up for her mother to take me to my meeting, and The Kid was calling me and we were talkking, [personal profile] mashfanficchick stepped the wrong way on a stone or acorn, rolled her ankle, and fell off the curb. They took me to my meeting, and then her to urgent care.

My meeting was very good, and they picked me up after. [personal profile] mashfanficchick's ankle is most likely sprained, just a slight possibility it's broken. They'll know for sure when the expert looks at the x-rays tomorrow. It's all wrapped up now.

We picked up MJ and went out to eat at Chile's. A good time was had by all. Came home and it's time for bed now.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. The Kid.

3. [personal profile] mashfanficchick wasn't seriously hurt.

4. Decorations done.

5. Halloween tomorrow (well, today actually cause it's after 12)

6. Good TV.

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