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Here at Con

Having a wonderful time so far. We got off this morning at a reasonable time, and got to the train just on time. The train trip was unremarkable, but crowded.

Took the shuttle to the hotel, rode with two other attendees. Checked in, and discovered that the hotel offers a free dinner weekday nights, so there was pasta. Which [personal profile] mashfanficchick couldn't have of course, so she ordered in, but I had, and we sat around talking with other attendees, and having a good time.

After dinner we helped set up the con room, and talked with more people.

And now we have settled into our room, which is amazing for what we're paying, huge, with a separate living room, with a kitchen area, and everything.

Tomorrow breakfast from 6 - 9, and then the con really starts!

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB (didn't talk but we e-mailed.)

2. SHarecon!

3. We made the train on time.

4. Free dinner.

5. Got to help out.

6. Beautiful weather for traveling.
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