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Not a totally successful day

Though not to bad either. First off I was late to work. Hit the snooze on the alarm too many times, missed the bus, and then there was terrible traffic over the bridge. So that was a bad thing.

But work itself was OK. I got some more of the weeding done, I've been doing about two shelves a day, which is working out well. And I did the Teen Lounge and I used the LEGO bricks that I got from the program I did, it must have been at least two years ago if not longer. They have been sitting in a pile of bins next to my desk ever since, but today I got them out and used them as part of the program. Like the rest of the day it was not totally successful, but some kids liked them so it did work out. And the lounge itself was successful, I got about 20.

After work I tried to call the FWiB and it turned out that no one on duty in the nursing home this night knows how to transfer a call to a patient's room. Which I think is pretty reprehensible, but there it is. So anyway, we waited til I got home and I tried to Skype. Turns out he had updated the operating system on his iPad, which disenabled Skype and he wasn't able to reload it. So we never got to talk at all today. This is not a good thing. *pout* Of course we did e-mail so I was not totally bereft.

There was a thunderstorm about a half an hour ago, but the rain seems to have stopped now; I can hear some night insect, I don't think crickets, outside.

Did I mention yesterday thatI got y room reserved at last for Arisia? Well I did. Also I think I forgot to mention yesterday that the Kid texted, the SIL has got two phone interviews for positions here in the city. She is hopeful of being able to move back before Christmas.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Didn't rain during the day.

3. My boss.

4. Teen Lounge and LEGOs worked out.

5. The Kid and SIL.

6. E-mail.

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