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Went to the Anti-Kavanaugh Rally today

There was a problem with the 7 train, so I had to use the E as an alternative route to the 6, and I ended up getting there a little late, but not too bad. It was smaller than I had hoped, but very spirited. There were, of course, counter demonstrators there, but only a couple.

After the rally, I sat for awhile and considered what to do next. I eventually decided that since I was already on the 6 line, I might as well go to Union Square, and get poke for lunch, and go to the Strand and Forbidden Planet.

So I went to Union Square, and since I got out on the far side of the park, I had a nice walk through it. I went to the poke place, and ate. Delicious. Then I realized there was a street fair all down 4th Ave in front of the poke place. So I walked all along that and looked at everything. All I bought was a mozzarepa, which is a Mexican sweet corn meal cake layered with mozzarella, and soooooo good.

After that I went to the Strand, and browsed. I gave some readers advisory to a pair of young men who were trying to pick out a Terry Pratchett for one of them to read for his first taste of Discworld. I recommended Guards, Guards. I ended up getting an Octavia Butler novel for me, I've always meant to read her and this seemed like a good occasion.

After that I briefly went into Forbidden Planet, but I was getting pretty tired so I decided to go home. Luckily the problem with the 7 train was resolved, so I was able to just take the 6 to Grand Central and the 7 from there. I got a Taro slush from the bubble tea place when I got to Flushing, and then I came home.

I Skyped for a nice long time with the FWiB, which was lovely. And then I read in the ac in the bedroom and fiddled on my phone til it was time to make my nightly call to Oldest Brother.

I'm tired but it was a good day. Just sorry [personal profile] mashfanficchick couldn't make it.

Gratitude List:

1. Fellow spirits.

2. Got compliments on my "My Flag, My country, not my president" tee shirt.

3. All the nationalities at the street fair interacting peacefully.

4. Poke.

5. The Strand, and good cheap books.

6. The FWiB.

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