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Busy day

Started off with a facebook message from Herschel, I had messaged him yesterday, and he had given me a quick answer and a promise of a longer message later, so I was happy to get his longer message today. He is retired now, and learning to enjoy it.

Then headed to therapy, which, despite the lack of the automated reminder call last night, I was scheduled for. That went well.

Then I came home, answered herschel, and did a few small tasks to make cleaning easier for the cleaners, whom I was actually not expecting to shw after I didn't get a confirmation yesterday.

While I was waiting for them, I called Aunt Helen, and asked her if she had heard from Mr. Starkweather about the estimate, which she hadn't. However, she told me that Katie's husband Garrett was engaged in building us new back steps for the cottage, this being one of the things we needed done.

The cleaner did text me around 1:30 saying he was running late but would be there at 2:30 if that was OK. I was surprised, but pleased and said yes. So he showed up and started to clean, it only took about 2 hours, he was no where near as thorough as the other cleaners, but much faster and cheaper, and it looks good here.

While he was cleaning I got an e-mail, I'm not sure who from, but someone in the family, with the picture of the new back steps and the news that the materials were $95, and Garrett was paid $150 for the work, but that's not bad and it looked pretty nice. I texted The Kid about the cleaners and the steps, and we had a brief discussion.

After the cleaner left I relaxed until it was time to go to my meeting. I called the FWiB as I was leaving to go (he was eating dinner up til then) and we talked through my dinner at Boston Market.

Then I went to my meeting, and that was very good.

Now I am listenning to thunder in the distance. It is awfully humid.

Gratitude List:

1. The cleaner came.

2. The FWiB.

3. Herschel.

4. My meetings and the people there.

5. Back steps for the cottage.

6. Family.

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