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Last day of vacation

Back to work tomorrow.

Did remarkably little today. I got up and Skyped with the FWiB at 9, for about half an hour, then he went off for the day (his family is visiting) and I went back to bed.

Got up again, breakfasted, and puttered on the computer for awhile. I cleaned another shelf in my cabinet, cleaned the cat pans, and then went and lay down to read. Finally finished a book I started up at the cottage that I wasn't really enjoying that much, just not well written. Don't know why, except sheer stubbornness, that I was worrying about finishing it. Then I started another book, which is going better.

Anyway, The Kid called, something good for a change, she had a monarch butterfly in her garden, apparently laying eggs on the milkweed. So that's good.

Texted [personal profile] mashfanficchick, she should be making arrangements for SHarecon today, hooray!

E-mailed Betsy an answer to her e-mail to me at the start of the trip.

After the FWiB got back, he took a nap and then e-mailed me so we Skyped again.

And that's about all.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. The Kid.

3. Got kudos on one of my stories on AO3.

4. Monarch butterflies.

5. SHarecon.

6. A wonderful vacation.

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