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What a day

Started out with the guy who was doing the painting and plastering getting here just as I was making breakfast. And he was ONLY the guy doing the painting and plastering, not reinstalling the outlets.

So I called the company, got voicemail a lot and finally a bored receptionist who took my message and said she'd pass it on. So time passed and nothing happened, and I decided to take a shower and get dressed, but try the company one more time first. And lo and behold, they were on their way.

So that got done mostly, but there's still a cover plate that needs to be put on, they put something temporary but are going to have to come back on the 8th, the day after I get back from the cottage.

And speaking of the cottage, I got an e-mail from Laurie, who wants to talk to me before I go up to the cottage. She was going to call tonight, so I spent the day in nervous anticipation, but she switched it to Sunday. I am really freaked out about this, after the way she went off on my at Sara's wedding... but then was sweet as sugar at Ricky's. Still, he e-mail was pleasant enough, she sent me a picture of Shannon and her fiance, and she sent her love to Oldest Brother, so... who knows what the hell is going on with her?

Also about the cottage, I e-mailed Aunt Helen to find out if she had looked into having Thom M find someone to put hydrogen peroxide in the water heater, and she replied that the plumber was going to do it on Monday. So that's taken care of.

I took laundry down and had the devil of a time with the cart. It may be time for a new cart.

And I went to Boston Market and my meeting. Didn't get to Skype the FWiB but we talked on the phone.

And just to complete my day perfectly, the light bulb in my over head light in the bedroom, the only light in there, blew out. Oldest Brother is going to try and help e with it tomorrow.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Oldest Brother.

3. My meetings and the people there.

4. The rain was only really bad for part of my trip.

5. They got the plastering and painting done, and the outlets installed.

6. I discovered that the refrigerator wasn't on before anything bad happened, and when I called them they came back and switched the breaker.

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