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Free Thursday

Unusual to have a free day that's completely free, no meeting, no therapy, nothing. So I slept late, and then got up and breakfasted and coffeed. Puttered on the computer until the FWiB suggested Skyping, even though it was early, so we did. He couldn't talk long though because of the cold or whatever it is he has. He sounds awfully froggy, and has a cough again, though it's a different kind of cough than when he had the bronchitis.

Anyway, after we got off I took a shower and washed my hair, and then went into Flushing to the mall, and went to Target to get some new bras. I got three. Also a package of coat hangers. And i checked out the price of sheets in Jemboro, because I'm committed to buying some new sheets for the cottage.

And then I came home, and collapsed for awhile. Then I got up and hung clothing in the bedroom closet, and moved all my sweatshirts to the front closet to make more room in the bedroom closet.

Had dinner, and was lying in the bedroom considering starting to read, when The Kid called me. So we talked for quite awhile, largely about me buying a condo or co-op when I retire, and then she turned it into a conference call with Oldest Brother. So the three of us talked about Cynthia Nixon for awhile. And then she hung up and Oldest Brother and I continued our regular nightly conversation which I usually don't bother putting in my journal.

Gratitude List:

1. The Kid.

2. Free day.

3. New bras.

4. The FWiB.

5. Bubble tea.

6. Jemboro has cheap sheets.

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