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Mixed day

Got up in time to get ready before the start of the window of time they gave me for when the exterminator would be here (8 - 1). Oldest Brother was supposed to be here at 8:30. The exterminator showed a little after 8, before Oldest Brother showed up. He did the kitchen but said he couldn't do the whole apartment because of the cats. So if I want to get the whole apartment done I have to find somewhere to stash the cats for the day. I'm thinking maybe Roadkill can take them.

Anyway, when Oldest Brother got her the exterminator had already left, but Oldest Brother decided to stay the day here anyway. So I left for work.

Work went oK, nothing special. I did the teen lounge, got 9 kids all told.

After work I called the FWiB, and we talked while I went to my psychiatrist appointment, and all is well. The appointment went fine, nothing to tell.

Came home and made apparngements to meet [personal profile] mashfanficchick and her mother at Carvel. Went to Oldest Brother's car... and it wouldn't start. So I called [personal profile] mashfanficchick cause I know they have jumper cables, and they came over and jumped us. So we went to Carvel, where Oldest Brother kept the car running. Then we went for dinner at Uno. And after that, (Which was delicious btw, lobster and shrimp scampi) the car again would not start. So they jumped us again, and he is now headed to spend the nnight at his mechanic's, so as to be the first on line when they open in the morning.

So that's pretty bad, and depressing.

Gratitude List:

1. At least I got the kitchen done.

2. Oldest Brother.

3. Friends.

4. Coupons.

5. Bed soon.

6. The FWiB.

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