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And a very good Friday, too. Started with therapy, which went well, then went to work and that was nice and quiet. After work I went to a Rite Aide to get a birthday card for The Kid, and then called the FWiB.

All is well with him, and we talked for a nice long time while I got my dinner at Boston Market and then went to my meeting.

The meeting went well. And then I came home.

I don't know how Christie is because she's dozing up on her rock at the moment. I'm going to take the filter out and clean it tonight because it has been far too long since I've done that.

And then I have to pack for my trip tomorrow to see The Kid. I'm aiming for a 10:45 bus that gets in at 12:45. Getting up at 7:00. And I am so looking forward to this.

Gratitude List:

1. The Kid.

2. The FWiB.

3. My meetings and the people there.

4. Therapy.

5. My cats.

6. The Bujold novella on my Nook.
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