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Movie night!

Started off with work, I made it on time thankfully. The day was quiet.

Then after work I called the FWiB, who still has a nasty cold, and when I got home I Skyped him.

While we were talking, [personal profile] mashfanficchick texted and asked did I want to come over for sushi, junk food, and movies? Of course yes. So after I got done with Skype, I headed over to her place.

We met up and did some shopping for junk food, then went back to her place and ate sushi. Because nothing says movie night like raw fish on rice! Then we watched Thor: Ragnarok, which I hadn't seen before, and the second guardians of the Galaxy movie, which I had, but had forgotten how much I enjoyed. The Thor movie was pretty good, funnier than I expected.

We have made plans to see Black Panther and the new Avengers movie both tomorrow, so I have to get to bed asap to get some sleep.

Anyway, after Guardians of the Galaxy I made my way home, took longer than it should have because the E train was running local, and I had to wait a long time for a 44 bus. But I am home and have the cats and turtle fed now.

Had a wonderful day all around.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Good day at work.

3. [profile] mashfaanficchick

4. Sushi.

5. Plans for tomorrow.

6. Although I got rained on, it wasn't too bad.

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