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Meeting night

Work was OK. Did the laptop computer program with the teens, nothing else of importance happened.

But there is good news. The FWiB's phone is fixed, sort of. That's to say, he can get incoming calls, but not make long distance outgoing calls. But I called him tonight and we had a nice long talk. I hope we will keep Skyping too, though.

Then I went to my meeting, it was small, just me and M. But two is a meeting.

There is also some bad news from Oldest Brother. The owners of the site where he got his biggest paycheck from, Fresh Meadows, are discontinuing live security, so Oldest Brother is out the main part of his income until he finds something else. This is seriously bad news. If you are inclined towards prayer, say one for him.

Nothing new regarding the cats. Oreo is still bullying Sybil.

Gratitude List:

1.The FWiB's phone fixed.

2. My meetings and the people there.

3. Not watching the State of the Union address.

4. Oldest brother.

5. The snow this morning didn't stay around long, just enough to look pretty for awhile.

6. Family.

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