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We have achieved Skyping!

Yes, I convinced the FWiB to install Skype on his iPad, and we got it working. So not only were we able to talk, we were able to see each other too! It'snot perfect, the sound quality is iffy, but it's better than nothing, and the video is very nice.

Aside from that the day was mostly a waste. Though I did clean the cats pans, which I am ashamed to admit I had let slide a bit.

I also contacted David M about my hopes of crashing with him and having him drive me to see the FWiB. He said sure, just let him know when I'm heading in. So this can really happen! Going to be expensive because of transportation, but hopefully not too bad.

Aside from that, I never even left the apartment. The cats are doing OK, nothing new.

And that's all for today.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Skype.

3. David M

4. Chocolate milk.

5. Cats doing OK.

6. Computer time.
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