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Free Pizza for Lunch

A member of the public gave some money for us to have lunch, so we ordered pizza. I had two slices. Yum.

Aside from that, work was nothing special. Very busy but not bad.

After work I went to Boston Market for dinner and then to my meeting. I've only been to one other since November, and I've missed it! It was good to be back.

The FWiB called after that, because he was unable to call when he usually does. Still no mmovement on the phone, but at last Spectrum is going to come in on Monday.

The cats seem to be doing well at settling in. Though oreo started eating Sybil's food tonight which she did not like.

Gratitude List:

1. Although it rained a lot today, I missed it all.

2. The FWiB.

3. Free pizza.

4. My meetings and the people there.

5. nice warm shirt I'm wearing that I got for Christmas.

6. My cats.

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