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Tired today

Don't think I slept well last night. Oh well.

Work was OK, not much to say about it.

My phone was low battery at the end of the day so I asked the FWiB to call a bit later than usual to give me time to get home and plug in, which he did. So that was OK.

Then I drowsed for a couple of hours, and didn't get anything done. Oh well. After I woke up I had dinner and went on-line to the USPS redelivery site because they tried to deliver my present for The Kid today and couldn't. So I asked them to redeliver Monday and leave it by the door.

Oldest Brother is going to come over tomorrow and help me put up my Christmas tree.

It's been snowing all day. Looks pretty, wasn't too cold.

Here is a trailer for a movie I am really looking forward to be able to see:

The Public

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Oldest Brother.

3. My credit card company.

4. Quiet day.

5. Pretty snow.

6. Not too cold.
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