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The FWiB is in Remission!

Got the good news today at work by e-mail, his oncologist says he's in remission! So he gets this weeks chemo, one more around Christmas, and then it's down to every two months for maintenance. What a relief!

Aside from that, though, the day was kind of wild. We got egged again, though outside the building this time, it was still hot in the morning (82.4 degrees f), and I had to deal with the mentally disturbed patron who's been hanging around, and so on. I did both the kids Tween Time program and the Teen Lounge, and that was exhausting.

After work the FWiB called briefly, but he felt pretty washed out as always after chemo so we didn't talk long.

I had a psychiatrist's appointment. Then after that, [personal profile] mashfanficchick and her mother picked me up and we went to Carvel but didn't eat our ice cream, we brought it back here and put it in my freezer, and then went to Cheesecake Factory to celebrate the FWiB being in remission. We toasted him. Dinner was delicious.

And now it's late and I have to get to bed.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB in remission.

2. Friends.

3. Cheesecake.

4. They did get work cooled down eventually.

5. My psychiatrist.

6. Bed now.

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