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So I am finally home

After two nights away. Sybil was very happy to see me! Of course, I was here briefly last night to feed her, so she wasn't hungry, but I think she was a little lonely.

Anyway, Halloween went very well, we gave out everything we had, and there were still swarms of kids coming, we had to turn off lights and decamp for [personal profile] mashfanficchick's place. Another couple of her friends were there and we had Chinese food. I spent the night at her mother's, long after the Trick or Treaters had gone.

Today, after going to Starbuck's, they took me to the vet to pick up Bjorn's ashes and get a refund for that last bag of his special food. Then they brought me back here to drop off the ashes and turn on the turtle light, so Christy has had light today. And we went out, first to Roosevelt Field, and then to Stew Leonard's. We ate there at Stew Leonard's and by the time we were done with our eating and shopping, it was late so they brought me back home and then went off to return Theo to New Jersey.

So I have one piece of very good news I've been saving for the end here, the FWiB was told that if all continues as it is, he'll be in remission by the end of the year! So that is very good to hear and made up for the fact that the nursing home phones have been out for two days now so we haven't been able to talk.

I feel I should say something bout the terrorist attack in Manhattan yesterday, but there is really nothing t say except that it sucks on many different levels.

And that's about all. Tomorrow, back to work.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB's heading toward remission.

2. The Kid texted me on Halloween.

3. Friends.

4. Halloween fun.

5. Sybil and Christy were ok while I was gone.

6. Have Bjorn's ashes safe now.

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