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The Wicked Day sixteen years on

So here it is 9/11 again. And not much to say about it. Every year it slides farther into the past. But I feel the need to remark and remember.

It was a beautiful blue day today, as it was that year. And as always I went to work. I didn't think about it during the day, that much has changed over the years. And I didn't do a display this year.

It was a pretty good day, I had the first of my after school programs, the gaming program, today. Worked out well.

And I did the walk-around computer tutor for an hour, which is really kind of pointless.

After work I talked to the FWiB, and really that's about all.

Last night Bjorn didn't eat as well as he has been. I don't think he likes the tuna flavor as well as the chicken. Hopefully he eats better tonight, though all I have left is the tuna, and only two cans (well one now) of that. I asked [personal profile] mashfanficchick and her mother to pick up a case of the chicken for him tomorrow.

Last night when I posted the line and paragraph breaks didn't work for some reason and I had to put them in by hand. I am going to try tonight again. We shall see.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. The first responders of 9/11.

3. My turtle.

4. My cats.

5. Friends.

6. Knowing enough html to put the line breaks in.

OK, I did preview post and there were no line breaks or paragraph break, putting them in by hand.
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