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Constructive day

Got up and went over to the mall in Flushing where I met [personal profile] mashfanficchick. We went to Target, where I got shoes, and Old Navy, where I got a pair of pants. Then we ate lunch in Applebee's. And while I was in Applebee's, Spectrum called.
The woman said she was at a store and a customer came in t expand her services, but when they asked her address, they had me at that address. So I said "Apartment D3?" and she said "No, apartment D12." She said they had me down as apartment D12, though my bills come to apartment D3, so go figure. Anyway, she said she would straighten it out, so I said thank you and hung up.
A few minutes later she called back and asked if I was home. I said no. She said the service would be off for about 7 minutes while they sifted it, but then it would be fine. I said ok and that was that.
Until I checked my e-mail some time later, when we were in BJ's. There was a message from Spectrum saying I had a technician visit scheduled for Tuesday the 12th!
So I tried calling back to the number the woman had called me from, and it wasn't working. So [personal profile] mashfanficchick gave me their 800 number that she had, and I called that, and fought with the automated system until she suggested I try saying "agent", which finally got me through to a human being, or at least someone who could pass a Turing test. And I told her the story, and she checked my account and said no, no visits were scheduled and I should ignore the notice, and that my service was on and should be working OK. So I was relieved.
Until I checked my e-mail again and found three! more notices from Spectrum about technician visits, some with the address of apartment D3, so with the address apartment D12. So in frustration I said that if, when I got home tonight my service was working, I was going to take the woman at her word and ignore the whole thing. Spoiler, the service is working.
So anyway, throughly frustrated, we left the mall, got bubble tea, and went back to [personal profile] mashfanficchick's apartment where we met up with her mother, and did some cleaning work around the apartment, and watched coverage of Hurricane Irma.
The FWiB called and we spoke for a short time. And finally we had sushi for dinner, cause nothing says the hurricane wasn't as bad as expected like raw fish on rice.
And that's all.
Gratitude List:
1. My Spectrum service is working.
2. Friends.
3. The FWiB.
4. Sushi.
5. Everyone I know in Florida seems to be OK.
6. New shoes to replace my old ones which were developing holes.
edited to add: WTF? Where are my line and paragraph breaks????
edited again to add: Trying to put the breaks in by hand via html. We'll see if it works.
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