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Bjorn's bloodtests were normal

Work was OK. I got an email in the morning from cousin Steve inviting us all to Columbus Day weekend at his place in Vermont. I would love to go if I can get that Saturday off, because as it stands now I am, of course, working. We shall see.

Called the contractor, didn't get him, got his answering machine and left a message that he should get in touch with Aunt Helen. Hope he does!

The vet called, I missed the call of course, the one time I didn't have my phone to hand, while I was in the bathroom. But I called back and got the results of Bjorn's tests, which were, as I said in the subject, normal. He ate almost the whole can of food last night, and tonight he really launced into it when I put it down' so I feel much relieved.

The Kid texted about Steve's email, she will probably not go, alas.

After work the FWiB called while I was eating at Boston Market, and we talked until it was time for my meeting.

The meeting was good, bigger than it's been in the last few weeks so that was nice.

And then I came home to find ANOTHER note on my door from the plumbers doing an inspection of the gas valves. Not for some time yet though.

And that's all the news.

Gratitude List:

1. Bjorn is eating and his bloods are normal.

2. My meetings and the people there.

3. The FWiB.

4. Family.

5. The weather was lovely today.

6. Got to work on time.

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