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Was lazing in bed reading facebook on my phone when I got a call from [personal profile] mashfanficchick. Was I in the mood for brunch? Why, yes, yes I was. So she and her mother and Theo picked me up and we went to Jahns, which is the last survivor (I think) of a small chain of ice cream parlors/diners that I remember fondly from childhood. I had banana pancakes, and lots of coffee. Then we had ice cream after, one of their things to share, six scoops of ice cream and a topping and whipped cream and cherries.

Then they brought me home, and I took a nap. After I got up I puttered around awhile and then it was time for the FWiB to call. So we had a nice talk.

Afterward I did some stuff around the house, took out some garbage and puttered on-line. I got a canvassing visit from a young man to get me to vote for Alison Tan for city council. She sounds good, so we'll see.

And that's about all my day. Not much to it, but very relaxing.

Gratitude List:

1. Friends.

2. Politically involved young people.

3. Day to relax.

4. Got out of the house.

5. Beautiful weather.

6. The FWiB.
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