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Pretty blah day

I slept later than I really should have, and after breakfast spent the day mostly reading or puttering on line. I did take some garbage out and did a little tidying but not much.

Talked to the FWiB, the first conversation in a few days that was not truncated by either the phone buzzing, or my needing to be doing something else with someone else, so it was very nice. We talked for I guess close to two hours, though I don't really know for sure because I didn't keep track of the time.

And that's about all. Oh, Oldest Brother told me that it was in the paper today that the fireworks we were going to see yesterday were canceled becasue of the rain, so that's why we couldn't see anything!

I have composed but not sent an e-mail to Frank C, because the FWiB said I should tell them about his situation. I haven't sent it yet though because I want to give him a chance to change his mind. I shall make sure of things tomorrow. But even if he says not to let them know, I shall e-mail just a general hello and how are you message.

Back to work tomorrow, then off for the 4th.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Day to sleep late.

3. Finished the Jules de Gradin book.

4. Air conditioning.

5. Day off coming up.

6. Friends.

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