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Peaceful day

The first day of the summer vacation, and all is peaceful. Except that someone stole 10 new magazines out of their plastic folders. That was weird. But aside from that all is well. I was able to get someone to work for me so that I can go to on the winery tour I've been invited to on the 15th and that's good.

The FWiB called after work but again we were defeated by the horrible quality of the phone connection. He;s going to try and get a new phone from the nursing home. We'll see when he calls tomorrow.

I went to the drug store after I got home because I've been out of my meds for a couple of days, and starting to have withdrawal symptoms from the Paxil. I feel better now that I've had a dose.

Tomorrow supposedly the plumbers are coming again to do something with the water risers. Wonderful. Not. So I get to be shut up in my bedroom again all day with the cats. At least I have my Jules de Grandin stories to keep me occupied.

Made arrangements to see Oldest Brother on Saturday. We're going to do what we did last year and go to Borrelli's for dinner and then sit in their parking lot to watch the fireworks in Eisenhower park.

And that's all that's going on.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB getting another phone.

2. Nice coworker working my Saturday.

3. Patch of daisies that I saw.

4. Got my meds.

5. My turtle.

6. Good books.

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