silver_chipmunk (silver_chipmunk) wrote,

It was a Monday

Not a good day really. Had some trouble during the gaming program, had to throw a kid out and things got nasty. No real problems but angst. At least I have the support of the boss.

Then, when I was counting on the FWiB to provide an antidote to the bad feelings from the day, he was feeling pretty rotten, fatigued as a side effect of the chemo, and could only talk for about half an hour. So I felt bad about that, too, and worried about him.

At least one good thing, it wasn't raining when I got off the bus, so I went to one of the discount stores for some stuff before I came home.

Been reading the Jonathan Kellerman Alex Delaware book I started Friday, and that's made me feel somewhat better.

And The Kid called this morning, she had a little bit of good news to impart regarding some money it turns out they don't owe after all. So it hasn't been an all bad day.

But still I could have done without it.

And of course on the world stage I heard about the attack at the concert in Manchester.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Good boss.

3. Good books.

4. Rain stopped.

5. My extra sundae from Carvel on Wednesday for dessert.

6. The Kid.

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