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New friends

On Dreamwidth, that is, thanks to the community [community profile] addme (I hope I did that correctly). So HI to everyone, thanks for adding me!

So nothing much was new at work today, I did the gaming program with the teens, got a pretty good turnout for a change.

It is The Kid's 27th birthday... funny to think how young she was when I started this journal. I called her during my break today but couldn't talk long because she was heading out to pick up the SIL.

Finally heard from the FWiB, but annoyingly enough he called during the only time I was away from my phone and I missed the call. Tried calling back but that place has REALLY got their phone system screwed up. I shall wait til he calls tomorrow.

I should explain the FWiB for my new friends. FWiB = Friend With Benefits, an old and dear friend of mine who I became lovers with shortly after my (now ex-) husband left me. Sadly the FWiB is now in a nursing home several states away from me, and chances that we will ever be together again are slight to non-existent. But I love him, and will keep in touch in any way I can. For a year we were out of touch because he was incapable of keeping in touch with me and his brother didn't want me in touch with him, though he gave me updates on his condition. But a couple of months ago his brother changed his mind, I have no idea why, and sent me the phone number of the place where he was and we have been doing several hours of phone calls a night. Now he calls me instead of me calling him. It is a very complicated situation. The last few days his family has been visiting him so he hasn't been calling.

Anyway, currently feeding the cats. Again for my new friends, I have two, Sybil and Bjorn. My third and oldest cat, Spyder, died not too long ago. I will probably be getting another cat soon because after having three for so long two doesn't seem right. I also have a turtle, a 22 year old red-eared slider named Christy that was supposed to be my daughter's but ended up with me. We've had her since she was a baby, and I am quite fond of her.

And that's about all for now.

Oh, I do a gratitude list every night. Six fairly random things in no particular order that I'm happy about.

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB called.

2. New friends.

3. The Kid.

4. Sunny day.

5. Cheese.

6. Nutella.

Edited to add, although I rarely post on politics I feel I have to say something abut the latest trump scandal, handing out highly classified information to the Russians. This goes beyond outrageous and really seems like grounds for impeachment right there. Will anyone DO anything though? Probably not. :-(

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