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No phone call

Couldn't get through to the FWiB tonight. His phone seems to be out of order or something. They kept transferring my call to his extension, and it kept indicating that the line was busy even though it wasn't. but they passed on my message that I was trying so he knows I didn't just not call, that's something.

Aside from that the day was pretty average. Nothing much to report. Worked, came home.

Shocked to hear of the attack in Paris though. Oh, and there's been a state of emergency declared in Niagara county, which is where the cottage is, because of the high water in Lake Ontario.

Gratitude List:

1. Message given to the FWiB.

2. Rain stopped this morning before I left for work.

3. And the day cleared up.

4. Easter candy.

5. My turtle.

6. Friends.

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